15 years of Face This

Since 2008, we´ve been inspiring internationally renowned (street)artists by enabling them to collaborate with Indonesian school kids on tees, totes and sweaters. How? Indonesian school kids craft compelling drawings which artists use to design terrific T-shirt artworks with. All proceeds are then being used to support the schools of the kids. To celebrate our 15th birthday, we curated a list of 15 awesome T-shirts we dropped in the last 15 years. Enjoy!  


In the 15 years since we began, our charity has raised over 100,000 Euros and funded nine different educational projects across Indonesia. From building new classrooms to renovating existing ones, and from earthquake relief aid to food packages to support communities during the pandemic, the proceeds of Face This T-shirts have helped provide different kinds of support.

Petra Eriksson x Face This


This wearable masterpiece, worn by Dutch actor Tygo Gernandt, captures the essence of Indonesian creativity and youthful expression. With her design, artist Petra Eriksson invited you to embrace a piece of the kids’ vibrant world on your daily journey. Petra: "I really enjoy getting the chance to use my art to contribute to projects like these that creates a positive change. I also really liked the idea of taking inspiration by the drawings of these kids."

Maggie Stephenson X Face This


Artist Maggie Stephenson created this T-shirt in collaboration with the kids of the Duduk Atas school on Lombok. Inspired by the joyful drawings depicting flowers and plants, this design brought an enchanting harmony of innocence and botanical beauty. Read the exclusive interview we had with her.

Liv Lee X Face This​


Australian based artist Liv Lee created this magnificent Face This T-shirt, which was worn by actresses Jaime King, Lauren German and Isa Hoes (see pictures). By adopting elements from kids’ drawings made at the Duduk Atas school on Lombok, she designed a colorful and vibrant artwork. Liv: “I absolutely loved the idea of creating a piece of work with the kids! It’s just such a fun brief that also 100% benefits the children – how could I say no to that!” In the video Liv tells you about how she experienced creating her Face This tee:

Zuzanna Rogatty x Face This


This bold masterpiece was part of our collab with WeTransfer and was designed by artist Zuzanna Rogatty. She collabed with Kartini (10) from the SDN 1 Senggigi school: “I was touched by Kartini’s incredible graphic skill to synthesize 3 ideas into one form – the smiley sunny mountain. It got my attention immediately and it became the main theme of my composition.” The bright colors and the wonky shapes got the attention of American actor Jack Black who showed his 10 million followers the brilliance of this T-shirt.

Martcelia Liunic x Face This


Another stunner from our collab with WeTransfer comes from Indonesian based artist Martcelia Liunic, which was worn by our friend Tygo Gernandt. She collabed with the 8 year old Shafa from the SDN 1 Senggigi school on this playful and colorful T-shirt artwork. Martcellia: 'I think one lesson I learned while working with Face This and Indonesian children is that their learning process and also the way they approach life is very inspiring, very positive, and I think we should all learn from it.'

Hedof x Face This


Hedof, one of the biggest illustrators/artists of the Netherlands focused his creative mind on collaborating with nine year old Ayu. This resulted in a magnificent artwork of an Indonesian sunset, wearable for those who wanted to renovate Ayu’s school. Hedof: "For her drawing Ayu created this really beautiful scenery where you saw the pier where she goes swimming with her friends. And you saw a really nice sunset, animals and palm trees. And I thought the drawing was so much fun and so beautiful that I didn't want to change too much about it. So, I created this character that had this whole beautiful view in his mind. So I kind of like traced Ayu's drawings and then the sunset was kind of like interacting with the character's mind. "

Supermundane x Face This


Hailing from London, artist Supermundane collabed with Hafiz (12) from the SDN 1 Senggigi school on a brightly and playfully designed artwork. The design captures the resilience of the people of Lombok after the island was hit by an earthquake. The proceeds were used to renovate the school.

Mark Conlan X Face This


Weaving coconut trees and playful characters enjoying the ocean: Mark Conlan created this artwork based on the drawings from kids living on Lombok. Astonishingly accurate and raising funds for an earthquake damaged school.

Jamie Browne x Face This


Worn by Jack Black and Lila Moss, this T-shirt expresses the wonderful values of 12 year old Gia from Lombok. And artist Jamie Browne put Gia’s passion for surfing front and center in this wearable piece of awesomeness.

Jon Burgerman x Face This


Doodle icon Jon Burgerman created this brilliant artwork together with Kartini: one of the kids of the SDN 1 Senggigi school. The 10 year old made drawings of her uncle who’s a fisherman. And Jon created a whole new world around Kartini’s uncle. Jon: “There is no right or wrong in art work. Drawings get my attention when you sense that they are honest and have no pretentions. That’s why I like Kartini’s drawings so much. Her drawing contains all these aspects. It is really beautiful, every little line and shape tells me something; it is open. Kartini knows very well how to depict her favourite place. That is very nice.”

Ricardo Cavolo x Face This


Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo is the creator of this fantastic and very powerful T-shirt artwork. We created this T-shirt to support the Duduk Atas school on Lombok. Ricardo: "This project fits perfectly with my way of working lately. I’m always honored when my art works for these types of projects. And these are the projects that make me feel completely happy and grateful."

Stina Persson x Face This


The brilliant Stina Persson, whom we’ve worked with several times already, designed this amazing artwork using Indonesian kids’ drawings. They were made at the island of Flores. And the proceeds contributed to the school of the kids. Stina remembers approaching the design was really tricky: ‘Because it's something very far from what I usually do - merging a child's drawing with my art. If I had it to do again, I might have done it differently. But it has taught me to continue, even if a collaboration turns out really unexpectedly. And that is something I hold on to to this day.”

Kate Gibb x Face This


Besides designing almost all of The Chemical Brothers’ album sleeves, British artist Kate Gibb collabed with the Indonesian school kids of Lombok. We really love the rawness of this one! Kate: "To be given a folder of wonderful, energetic kids drawings which I find so inspiring is a luxury. I am doing the easy bit, colouring them up & moving them around. The kids have already done the hard, creative work ; )

Corine Van Den Bulk X Face This


Dutch artist Corine van den Bulk has designed multiple T-shirts for us. But this one is really remarkable. By combining the faces the kids have drawn and adding a simple color to the artwork, this T-shirt is still one of our fav’s!

Stefan Da Costa Gomez x Face This


Besides being part of our organization for a few years, Stefan is also the one who came up with this brilliant and iconic T-shirt artwork. A smiley created with smileys is just brilliant and although the tee is already 13 years old, people still enjoy and purchase this it! Timeless...

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