Artists help Indonesian kids renovate their school by designing T-shirts with them

(Street) artists from the US, UK, Australia and Holland teamed up with 9 school kids from a school on Lombok, Indonesia to help renovate their classrooms. By using drawings from the pupils, the artists exclusively designed a T-shirt for the Face This foundation. This Dutch charity will use the proceeds of the tees to renovate the school building of the kids, which was heavily damaged after the earthquakes on Lombok from August last year. The tees are available at 

Lombok earthquakes

In August 2018 a deadly earthquake killed hundreds of people and destroyed a myriad of houses and buildings. Including the SDN 1 Senggigi school, which is still not renovated. That’s why the 254 pupils of this school still get their classes in tents outside of the school building. And because of that, getting over the traumatic experience an earthquake causes, it’s hard for the kids to move on with their lives. 

Kds take action by making a drawing

Filmed by: Wouter Coomans/Studio Bib

In April this year, a group of 9 pupils from the school on Lombok took action to rebuild their school by doing what they love to do: drawing. Although most parts of their village – including their school – are still broken, the kids created drawings about the places in their village which they love most. While drawing they were able to escape reality for a moment. But those drawings might end up in changing that reality forever, as they’ll raise funds to renovate their school. 

9 brave school kids x 9 (street)artist = 9 T-shirts for good

In order to achieve that, 9 incredible (street)artists from different parts of the world volunteered to help transform the drawings into exclusive T-shirt designs. They had never collaborated with a child before, but (street)artists Jon Burgerman, Mike Perry, Supermundane, Tyler Spangler, Bodil Jane, Mark Conlan, Hedof, Kyle Steed and Jamie Browne found creating their Face This T-shirt an inspiring and refreshing collaboration. 

Face This 2019 T-shirt collection

Below we’ve featured four of our tees. Want to see the full collection? Feel free to explore more!

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