How Dan Page designed a tee for the Face This foundation

Dan Page is one of the artists who voluntarily created a Face This tee with the drawings made by the Indonesian kids. He is an award winning illustrator whose long list of clients include PC World, Marie Claire, Men’s Health, and Business Week.  We’ve asked him some questions about our collaboration.

Face This: Please tell us who you are and what you do.

I am a freelance illustrator that specializes in editorial conceptual illustrations. I’ve been working professionally for 22 years.

Face This: Can you tell us something about the process of your artwork?

My process is idea driven, communicating with visuals, so there is a lot of time where I think and sketch before I start to draw and execute the final. It’s challenging since I’m on a deadline and a good idea is very stubborn. Racing the clock is part of the job.

Face This: How is working with kids’ drawings different from working with artwork from ‘other’ clients?

It was similar since I wanted to think of an idea that would incorporate the kids drawings gracefully together and have meaning.

Face This: Why did you decide to work with us and what did you think of creating artwork with drawings from Indonesian kids?

I thought that it was a nobel cause – Face This’ story is wonderful, and was delighted that I was to use the Indonesian kids drawings as part of my medium in completing the design. An original way for the artist and kids to work together.

Face This: What did you like to draw/paint the most when you were a kid yourself?

I liked to draw crocodiles the most, I loved animals and was very intrigued by such a dangerous creature. By drawing every tooth, even ridges and long tail I could get very close to a crocodile and not worry about getting eaten.

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