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David Despau

David Despau is one of the artists who voluntarily created a Face This tee with the drawings made by the Indonesian kids. David originally studied architecture but soon found himself drawn to art, eventually graduating with a degree in design. Since then, he has worked on projects for DC Comics and Warner Bros., as well as Time magazine, Burton, and ESPN magazine. We’ve asked him some questions about our collaboration.

Face This: Davis, please tell us who you are and what you do.

I’m David Despau and I am an illustrator in Spain, Madrid.

Face This: Can you tell us something about the process of your artwork?

First I choose photo references, then I drew with blue and black ballpoint and finally I finished the illustration in the computer adding color, ink, lines etc…


Face This: How is working with kids’ drawings different from working with artwork from ‘other’ clients?

This is new for me and it has been a very grateful experience helping the children getting a better future.

Face This: Why did you decide to work with us and what did you think of creating art-work with drawings from Indonesian kids?

I like the Face This project so much and it is such a good idea for helping these children. And I really liked to design a t-shirt too.

Face This: What did you like to draw/paint the most when you were a kid yourself?

I don’t remember exactly but i always liked to draw faces, it’s my favourite theme.

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