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Jimmy Turrell

During our anniversary we want to celebrate big: international artists take on the designs of three child drawings from one of our schools in Indonesia. The designs can be found on our t-shirts in the new collection. One of the designers is Jimmy Turrell, a graphic designer from England who is known for his work for Nike, Adidas and musician Beck. We asked him about his design.


Can you tell us something about yourself?

“I’m a graphic designer and a video director. I really love ‘analogue’ techniques like collage, painting by hand and experimenting with typography. My work is often a combination of those techniques.

“One of my recent works is my collab with the artist Beck. I got to design his album cover and shoot two videos! That was amazing.”

Can you tell us about your collab with Face This?

“After hearing about the difficulties in education and the real poverty that exists within Indonesia I decided that this was definitely something I wanted to be involved with. It was really great working with the kids’ drawings, really inspiring. I basically created a hybrid illustration out of what they had created and my initial concept. It was really inspiring and interesting to do. It’s always interesting to collaborate with other designers, but to work with children’s drawings was really challenging as I had to make it fit my work stylistically.”

You often use existing images in your work. Why did you choose the design Engki?

“I loved the simplicity of it. And a face is a universal symbol which can usually be incorporated into any design.”

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