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Faces behind Face This: How Ilya van Haren became our social media manager

In our third installment of our mini-series ‘Faces of Face This’ we’d like you to meet Ilya van Haren. Ilya is our creative social media manager, taking care of our socials in a brilliant way. How Ilya was one of our first customers and became our social media manager twelve years later. ‘I find it important that Face This’s stories are shared as much as possible’.


Faces behind Face This: Arjan Klompe is a treasurer we can count on – and so much more

In our second installment of our mini-series ‘Faces of Face This’, we introduce you to Arjan Klompe. As a treasurer+ he’s not only taking care of our figures: he is also involved in our overall strategy and business development. Or ‘developing new initiatives and seizing opportunities,’ Arjan likes to describe it. The senior manager of PwC is a force we can count on since 2018 and with this new ‘Faces of Face This’ episode we’d like to introduce him to you.


Faces behind Face This: Camiel Mulders, our Head of Fundraising & Sponsorships

In our brand new mini-series ‘Faces behind Face This’, we’d like to give you a behind the scenes look into our small and humble organisation. We kick off with Camiel Mulders who just joined Face This as our Head of Fundraising & Sponsorships. How a 14 year old bodyboarder ended up as a sales director of WeTransfer, married at Bali/Lombok and now joined the Face This family. ‘I hope my sales experience will help Face This to grow internationally.’