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Artist Odile Ferraille

When art meets activism, creativity knows no bounds. Artist Cécile Dormeau: is one of those artists whose goal is to change the way we see women. Cécile Dormeau: “Some girls are skinny, others are fat, some girls have big bellies, some girls have small boobs, and sometimes we are hairy. Yes, it’s normal to have flaws. Yes, it’s normal that we all don’t look the same. The more we will say this to people, the more we will move forward towards self-acceptance.” Therefore we are very proud to announce to you that we’ve teamed up with Cecile on a brand new Face This art collab! Read along to find out more!

Indonesian kids' drawings

To create her drop, the artist made use of childrens drawings made by the students of the Duduk Atas school in Indonesia. And the proceeds will be used to support the school with a new playground and a rainwater tank underneath it.

`I’m happy to participate in a project that can help children’s education, and working with children’s drawings is an honor!"
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Photos by: Jesse Kroon / 4eyes

`Your drawings are absolutely wonderful so please keep drawing!`

The artist to the Indonesian school kids she collabed with