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How Face This & WePresent built a school on Lombok a computer studio

In the summer of 2021, Face This supported the SDN1 Senggigi school on Lombok, Indonesia in order to renovate the school building after it was badly affected by the earthquakes of 2018.

After we finished renovating these fundamental elements, it was time for a next step: fighting computer illiteracy at the school community.

The government will provide the school with laptops. But the school needs a computer studio to create a safe environment to teach the students their computer skills.

Goal: € 11K to build the school a computer studio
Images by Studio Bib

Photography by 4eyes.nl and Stijn Terpstra

Raising funds - one T-shirt at a time

To provide the school a computer studio Face This and WePresent decided to launch a T-shirt collection together

Kids’ drawings

For this collection, Face This provided drawings which were made by the kids from the school.

Amazing artists

And WePresent commissioned artists whithin their network to design the T-shirt collection by making use of the kids’ drawings.

Artist line up - selected by wePresent

Suzanne Tromp, Senior Commissioning Editor at WePresent about their contribution to the T-shirt collection:

 “Creativity can come from anywhere, which is why at WePresent diversity is core to our editorial guidelines. Since we were founded in 2018, we have commissioned stories from 1000 artists from over 100 countries, continuing WeTransfer’s legacy of supporting the arts across the globe. As one of the few media and tech brands to be a B Corp, our collaboration with Face This is an ideal example of how we can use creativity as a force for good. By commissioning artists from our network and raising funds from the T-shirts, we are supporting education in Indonesia.”

Getting the word out


Thanks to the support of below actors we were able to get the word out:

  1. Jack Black
  2. Katja Schuurman
  3. Tygo Gernandt
  4. Daniel Boissevain
Ready to build


Face This was founded in 2008. Until this moment we have never collabed with another brand on a T-shirt collection before. But seeing the results here, makes us hungry for more…

Face This x wePresent tees

From the launch until January 31st 2022, we sold 162 tees of our collab.

Most popular tee

With 47 T-shirts being sold, the Zuzanna Rogatty x Kartini tee was the most popular tee of the collab.

Extra tees

In the slipstream of our collab we sold an additional 97 T-shirts from previous collections.

Total T-shirt revenue

The 259 T-shirts result into a € 9k gross sales. And with a 40% cut (production costs), € 6,4k will support the school.

WeTransfer donation

On top of that, we received a donation from WeTransfer. This makes for a total of € 6.4k + € 4.7k =
€ 11.1k

Its a wrap

We are ready to build that computer room!

the brand new computer studio:

Thanks to WeTransfer and their artists, the kids from the SDN 1 Senggigi school on Lombok were able to design a T-shirt with an amazingly talented bunch of artists! With the proceeds we were able to build a computer studio, so the kids can get the digital skills they need!

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