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Good magazine – English edition

Rebuilding Duduk Atas: togetherness starts with a tee

When a needy school in Bogor raises funds for a school on Lombok

Lombok earthquakes: first relief arrives from Face This

Duduk Atas, the first Indonesian school where children were drawing to renovate their school

Lombok earthquake update: a visit to our Duduk Atas school

Duduk Atas on Lombok: how life was before the earthquakes

How illustrator Stina Persson used her vibrant, loose and bold style to create a Face This T-shirt

Street artist Penfold about why it’s important to create for good [and Face This]

Illustrator Martina Paukova about her love for kids’ drawings, climbing trees and designing a Face This T-shirt

Artist Jimmy Turrell: It was really great working with the Indonesian kids’ drawings

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