One month ago several earthquakes hit Lombok. Fortunately, the shakes are gone right now. And the community is slowly starting to rebuild. Also in the Duduk Atas area, where our school is located. Thanks to all the people who are wearing our special edition Lombok T-shirt, we can support the school to be rebuild. But we’re not there yet. We still need your help as there’s lots to do!

To give you more insight into how we are going to help, we’ll explain our plans to you in this blog. Mainly we identified two phases: the emergency phase and the rebuilding phase. Below we’ll explain more about each phase.

Emergency phase

Directly when the earthquakes hit Lombok, we were able to use some of our savings to donate food, tarpaulins and clean water to the Duduk Atas area: the small village where our school is located in. To read more about the support we did in this phase, you can go this blog about our emergency relief.

Rebuilding Duduk Atas

Fortunately the earthquakes are gone now. So we have shifted away from the emergency phase to the rebuilding phase. Our first responsibility is the school, so we will use our funds for that first. But as we are deeply connected with the Duduk Atas village we are planning to support the villagers as much as possible too.

Rebuilding the school

The rebuilding of the school will be done in several steps:

  1. At this moment we are taking the first steps of the damaged ceiling and roof. We already transferred a budget to the school to fix these first. As you can see in the pictures, this is going very well!
  2. When we release our next funds, the community can work on the next step: fixing cracked walls, windows and tiles.
  3. The last step concerns painting the whole school and fixing the water storage.

Supporting the village

While all this is going on, we are researching the best kind of prefab house to build – cheap, durable, earthquake proof, comfortable – so we can provide support to the village as well. We are planning to create an example and a project manager to arrange the materials and train workers – local builders to construct the houses. And provide quality control. Then we can also hopefully provide some materials to support the process.

Some can hopefully use government funds also to complete the re-building. We have received funds from many friends – and also from some international schools in Indonesia. So, with your support we can really make a difference – starting with the school. The hope is to get the kids back in the refurbished classrooms before the monsoon rains come, which will be next month likely. Maybe sooner.

Wearing is caring: togetherness starts with a tee

So get yourself a special edition Lombok Relief tee (men’s tee, women’s tee) or just make a donation. The cheerfulness, enthusiasm and resilience of the people in Duduk Atas is inspiring. The slogan is ‘build back better’. And together we can create a better future for the people of Lombok. Togetherness starts with a tee…

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