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International top artists design our 2014 T-shirts

Face This Artists 2014

Face This Artists 2014

Cecilia Carlstedt, Ana Benaroya, Marguerite Sauvage, Kate Gibb, Dan Page, David Despau, KT Smail, Frida Wannerberger and Billie Jean contributed to the new, organically produced Face This T-shirt collection. These nine internationally renowned artists created their design with our Indonesian kids’ drawings. They work for clients like The Chemical Brothers, The New York Times, BBC, H&M, Louis Vuitton, Nike and many others. For artist Ana Benaroya the collaboration was truly inspiring: ‘I love the Face This process and to me the kids’ drawings are inspiring to work with. It’s what I aspire to achieve in my drawings.’

Artists who designed a T-shirt with Indonesian kids’ drawings:

Press coverage about our t-shirts

Some Dutch as well as international media covered a story about our t-shirts. We’re truly honoured for being ‘Pick Of The Month’ of Hongkong based creativity magazine IdN. The great folks at ComicsAlliance (USA) featured a nice article about our new t-shirts: “A collaboration that is both meaningful and stylish.” Please click the pics below to see the reviews.

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Buy our t-shirts and help Indonesian kids go to school

Do you wanna support Indonesian kids by giving them some proper education? And do you wanna look incredibly sharp at the the same time? Just flip through the new t-shirts by using the arrows. Pick your favourite tee and help our kids go to school.

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