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Lombok earthquake fundraiser

What do you do when your school got hit by a huge earthquake?

The 9 To 12 Year Old Pupils From The SDN1 Senggigi School On Lombok, Picked Up Their Pens And Paper And Created Magnificent Drawings. And By Using Those Drawings, (Street)Artists From All Over The World Started To Design A T-Shirt. Please Share This Story, As The Proceeds Of The T-Shirts Help Renovate The Kids’ Broken School…​


The Earthquake

When in 2018 Lombok got hit by a deadly earthquake, hundreds of people lost their lives, thousands of people were injured and hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes. The school building of the SDN 1 school in Senggigi got heavily damaged as well.


Proud Kids

To rebuild their school, Faris (9), Gia (12), Hafiz (12), Ayu (10), Salsabila (9), Shafa (8), Kartini (9) and Taupan (10) created beautiful drawings. Although right now, Senggigi exists mostly of broken buildings, the kids are still proud of their village. So their drawings were all about the beautiful spots of the Lombok beach location. Just like Gia, whose story you can watch in this video.

Creatives For Creatives

Directly After The Kids Finished Their Drawings, The Face This Foundation Invited The Creative World To Design A T-Shirt Using The Kids’ Drawings. Big names like Jon Burgerman and Mike Perry took their chance to help the kids renovate their broken school by designing a T-shirt using their drawings.
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(Street)artists From All Over The World

The amount of participating (street)artists is growing and they’re from all over the world. Artists Bodil Jane, Studio Stardust and Hedof are coming from The Netherlands. But Jon Burgerman and Mike Perry are located in the US, just as Tyler Spangler and Kyle Steed are, who also designed a tee. Graphic artist Supermundane is from the UK and artists Jamie Browne and Mark Conlan are from Australia.
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Jack Black & Gia’s School of Rock

American actor Jack Black endorses us. His favorite Face This T-shirt was designed by twelve year old surfer girl Gia (12) and Volcom artist Jamie Browne. Wanna know more about this uniquely designed T-shirt? Go check it out: Jack Black’s Face This Tee


The Tees

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