Lombok earthquake fundraiser


In the first week of August the Indonesian island of Lombok has been hit hard by four major earthquakes. Hundreds of people lost their lives, thousands of people were injured and hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes and are living in safe zones right now. Help is needed. So we set up three ways to support the people of Lombok. Read on to see how you can help the victims of this tragedy.

All three options are focused around Duduk Atas: the school we have been supporting since the foundation of Face This T-shirts, 10 years ago. With the school being a central place within the Duduk Atas village (the school has been named after the name of the village) we are able to get your donations directly to the people who need it the most.

3 ways to support the Duduk Atas village/school

T-shirts are our ‘core business’ so we designed a special edition T-shirt for the Duduk Atas victims. Buy a tee and you support the school directly. But of course you can donate too. And you can support us in a digital way as well: we need our campaign to reach as much people as possible.

1. Buy a tee

Get yourself one of the special edition T-shirts, designed by London based artist Jimmy Turrell. He created this T-shirt by using a drawing made by Hawanah. She was 11 year old when she made this drawing and was one of the pupils who went to the Duduk Atas school on Lombok. Help Hawanah be the hero of her village!

2. Make a donation

Not into tees? But you do want to help the Duduk Atas community? All help is needed, so if you prefer to give a donation instead of buying one of our special edition T-shirts: that’s more than welcome! Please click on the button below to donate.

3. Share the love

The houses of the boys and girls who come to our school have been destroyed completely. And the homes of the teachers was well. They are living under tarpaulins right now. This means we need to get as much people as possible to visit this webpage. So share it as much as possible. It’s as simple as that!