Odile Ferraille x Face This

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Artist Odile Ferraille

Dogs on skateboards or fluffy haired cats wearing funky headphones. In the world of Odile Ferraille anything can happen! Hailing from Nantes, France, artist Odile creates cuteness with simple line-drawings. Her art brings lightness and her brand new collab with Face This is literally in-line with this! We spoke with the artist about her Face This drop. So read on and get to know the story behind our June drop featuring artist Odile Ferraille.

Indonesian kids' drawings

To create her drop, the artist made use of kids’ drawings made by the students of the Duduk Atas school in Indonesia. And the proceeds will be used to support the school with a new playground and a rainwater tank underneath it.

"I like it when the shapes get a little bit off or awkward. I think that’s what gives a drawing its charm, and that’s something I’m looking for in my own illustrations."
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Photos by: Krystle Zonneveld / Styling by: Talitha Huta Galung

Thank you for making such inspiring illustrations!

The artist to the Indonesian school kids she collabed with