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10th year anniversary



Face This T-shirts are creative collaborations between awesome artists and Indonesian school kids

We ask Indonesian school kids to make an awesome drawing


With those drawings, incredibly talented artists from around the world, design a Face This T-shirt.

And with the proceeds of the tees, we support the schools of the kids

Some papparazi stuff:

Our Latest News

Frida Wannerberger about her T-shirt design

Frida Wannerberger is one of the artists who voluntarily created a Face This tee with the drawings made by the Indonesian kids. We...

Hoe illustrator Cecilia Carlstedt haar Face This t-shirts ontwierp

Cecilia is één van de illustratoren die op vrijwillige basis twee Face This t-shirts heeft ontworpen. Ze houdt ervan om haar publiek versteld...

Hoe illustrator Marguerite Sauvage haar Face This t-shirt ontwierp

Marguerite Sauvage is één van de illustratoren die op vrijwillige basis een Face This t-shirt ontwierp. Hierbij maakte ze gebruik van tekeningen die...

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