When a needy school in Bogor raises funds for a school on Lombok

The devastating earthquakes on Lombok shocked the world and the kids on our school in Bogor too. They, together with the teachers, wanted to help. So the students spontaneously started something wonderful: a fundraise for the Face This Duduk Atas school on Lombok! And used their savings…

At Face This we are very touched by this generous gesture, also because the schools are not connected to one another. We spoke to the principal of the school in Bogor, Mr. Saparudin, about  the earthquake and the heartwarming fundraiser. But first: watch the video the principal made!


Shocked. Surprised. Sad.

There’s no doubt about it: “The sadness of Lombok and Duduk Atas is our sadness”, says Mr. Sarapudin. “The first time I heard about the Lombok earthquake was on 5 August at 16.49 hours. I was at home because it was late in the afternoon. I was really shocked and of course felt so, so sad. The children at school also were shocked. Surprised. Sad. As teachers we mentioned that a natural disaster like this might also happen to us here in Bogor. Then we talked about the Duduk Atas school.”

“We would like everybody in Lombok and Duduk Atas please get up… stand up… to face the future … We all pray for you.”  

Join hands for Lombok

And, he decided to help! “All of us and the children felt we needed to do something. We wanted to support Duduk Atas because we have the same status, as we are both supported by Face This. We need to join hands for Duduk Atas! The earthquake is a national disaster. I believe we have a mutual responsibility to do whatever is possible.”

Fundraise and poems

How did you manage the fundraise, what did you do? Mr. Saparudin:  “Firstly I would like to thank pak Jos and Ibu Tari for the great support and cooperation. The donations were collected from  students saving whatever money they could save. They decided to share whatever they had with their friends on Lombok besides collecting teachers donations. And  the children made a very special poems video for Duduk Atas to make everybody aware of the fundraise.”

The big question…

How much did you raise? “We raised a total of IDR 765.500 (€45)!” Mr. Sarapudin continues: “We are so happy to be able to help a little bit. We sent the money and the donations to the Religious Department in Bogor; they distribute all donations from schools and other parties to Lombok. We know the donations already arrived there. For the children on Al Islamy we update the information about Lombok. We publish news on our information wall and online so that everybody can read it.”

Got inspired?

If these students can do something to help Duduk Atas, you must be able to do so too. We have set up three easy and fashionable ways to donate to the school. Please join the students from the above school to help them in their effort to support Lombok!

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