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The story of
Face This

“We are a social streetwear label where we – kids from Indonesia – get to design and drop T-shirts in collaboration with artists from around the world.”

You might know this Pablo Picasso quote: ‘Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up’. Well, when an artist such as Picasso valued our creativity so much, shouldn’t we have a platform where we could leverage this creativity in order to create a better future for ourselves?


At Face This we try to be that platform. By leveraging our drawing skills, we empower ourselves to design and drop T-shirts in collaboration with (street) artists from around the world. And by using the proceeds to improve our schools, we literally design our own future. 



We learned a bunch of new words from the Face This people. Like co-lab-oray-shun. Apparently, it’s what we’re doing when we make cool art and T-shirts with grown-up super-cool artists from other countries. And vol-lun-tarry-lee. This is how all these illustrators, street-artists, graphic designers and creatives work with us. Like, you know, for free! (And we never knew there were so many words to say ‘artist’!). Ricardo Cavolo, Cody Hudson and Kate Gibb are names of some of them. But have a look at the Artists page, ‘cos there’s loads of them!

Sustainable Development Goals

The You-nine-ted Nay-shuns is like this big club for old people who run different countries. We don’t think they get much play time or do much drawing, but they wrote some cool things. Like a load of Sust-ayn-a-bull Dev-elop-munt Gols. Number 4 is what the Face This people want to help with: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. That’s why they’re col-ab-or-ay-ting with us up-and-coming artists in Indonesia!

How we work

First, we get our teachers to tell the Face This people what the school needs. Then we tell Face This that we don’t just want doh-nay-shuns, we want co-lab-oray-shuns. We want to work together! Then we go to the classrooms where we do our best art and we show them our skills. They are usually very amazed at our art. We draw pictures of the stuff we do at home and school, and they ask if it’s ok to take some. We’re happy to give it to them because we are pro-liff-ik, you see. Then they go back to this cold place with small waves called The Nether-lunds. Then they send our art to artists all over the world to get inspired by us! They make our drawings look even cooler and then Face This make T-shirts that you won’t see anywhere else, apart from on the web shop on this web site here. (Oh, and on a bunch of famous people). That’s how we make things, to make money for our school, to make a better education for ourselves. It’s true! Just have a look at the Schools page!

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Be a creative force of change

Our team

Camiel Mulders

Head of Fundraising & Partnerships

Mark Heyward

Education advisor

Rusnan Taumi

local coordinator lombok

Ibu Tari

Local coordinator bogor

Moses Jalawatu

Local coordinator Flores

Sri Anjarwari

local coordinator lombok


Designed by Indonesian school kids, 

in collaboration with (street)artists 

from around the world.