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Our T-shirts are a result of a creative collaboration between Indonesian school kids and a bunch of awesome artists. All these incredible artists, such as Ricardo Cavolo, Cody Hudson and Kate Gibb, collaborate with us voluntarily. Illustrators, street artists, graphic designers: creatives from different artistic disciplines and from different parts of the world have worked with school kids from Indonesia to create our stunning Face This T-shirts. Please head to the artists overview to see which artists collaborated with us.

Sustainable Developtment Goals

As we strive for better education for kids in Indonesia, we contribute to the U.N.’s 4th Sustainable Development GoalEnsure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. 

From T-shirts to classrooms


First of all, together with the head of the school and the school’s teachers, we discuss the needs of the school. We don’t want to donate only, we really want to work together with the school. Then we head to the class rooms where we have our drawing sessions with the kids. This is great fun as the kids give a glimpse of their daily lives through their drawings. When the drawings are finished we take them with us to the Netherlands and from there we distribute the drawings to awesome artists from all over the world. They then use these drawings to create a beautiful, cool, heartbreaking, moving and/or stunning tee which we sell in our web shop. And with the proceeds we are able to let the school’s dream come true… Go to our school overview to see which schools we have worked with. 

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Our team


Mark Heyward

Education advisor

Rusnan Taumi

local coordinator lombok

Ibu Tari

Local coordinator bogor

Moses Jalawatu

Education advisor

Sri Anjarwari

local coordinator lombok


Chief keeping the spirit alive

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