Supporting Indonesian schools -

One T-shirt at a time

The artwork on our meaningful merch is co-designed by the students of schools across Indonesia. And so, the proceeds of these tees, totes and sweaters benefit exactly these schools. Below you will find more information about the schools we supported throughout the years.

Current project: Gili Asahan

Tucked away on the idyllic island of Gili Asahan, you’ll find the SDN4 Batu Putih school, a place that truly shows what a tight community looks like. With only 22 students, the school is a vibrant hub of learning and laughter, reflecting the spirit of an island that feels like a world of its own.

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  • SDN 1 Senggigi school

    For this school project, we went back to Lombok. The island where it all started for us, more then 10 years ago. After the earthquake of 2018 we felt the urge to come back and help another school. This is SDN 1 Senggigi.

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  • Duduk Atas school

    When, in the summer of 2008, Adi, Mura and the rest of their class-mates scribbled the first felt-pen lines on their sheet of paper, nobody knew how much impact those drawings would have. One year later, however, construction of extra classrooms started, the existing ones were renovated and the stocks of school materials were considerably replenished.

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  • Darul Funun school

    In February 2013 we visited the Darul Funun school for the very first time. Located in the hills in the Bogor area on the island of Java this school is run by the visionairy principal Pak Saffarudin. This dedicated teacher and head of the school had a dream.

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  • SDK Pusu school

    After a successful project on Lombok, we decided to spread our wings and start a similar project on Flores. In the summer of 2010 we visited the SDK Pusu school, which again is located in an isolated mountainous area.

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  • Asy Syifa school

    The 2014 project focused around an orphanage, located in Bogor. This center has about 65 children, ages ranging from 5 to 20 years old that regularly attend the center. The children have backgrounds such as single parent families, orphans, disability’s, malnutrition and low income.

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