• Asy Syifa

    The 2014 project focused around an orphanage, located in Bogor. This center has about 65 children, ages ranging from 5 to 20 years old that regularly attend the center. The children have backgrounds such as single parent families, orphans, disability’s, malnutrition and low income. Most kids go to government schools with little or no English education. Some of the kids go to school in the morning and some in the afternoon. There is no other place for the children to meet and learn and play.

  • What was needed?

    Because the building was in a really bad condition, the owner wanted to sell the house. That’s why we wanted to help the orphanage to buy and renovate the building so the kids could stay in the orphanage. So we asked the kids to make drawings.

  • Funded: 10.000,-

    Because the building would go on sale soon our plans were to buy and renovate the building first. After that we removed the interior walls to make the space feel more bigger and usable. Make the ceiling higher to give it a bigger feeling and better circulation with more windows for natural light. Also in the front we made a system that catches the rain water for cleaning or washing their feet before they enter the center.