SDN 4 Batu Putih

For a brand new collection of T-shirts, totes and sweaters, we set out to Gili Asahan. On this small island near the coast of Lombok, Indonesia, we teamed up with the kids of the SDN 4 Batu Putih school. During several drawing sessions, they made incredibly inspiring drawings. And with these artworks, internationally renowned artists will design a new meaningful merch collection. A collection which grows on a monthly basis, as we drop one artist collab every month. And as the proceeds contribute to their school, the kids literally designed their own future.  

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Makes you feel at home

The school is located on Gili Asahan. Loosely translated this means ‘makes you feel at home’. The island is named after its warming atmosphere, which is created by its magnificent surroundings and welcoming community. Therefore we chose this concept as our overall theme for our upcoming collabs by asking the kids to draw about their island. Their drawings provided a rich and diverse exploration of the children's lives on Gili Asahan, showcasing the many facets that contribute to the feeling of home and connection with the island.