• Duduk Atas

    When, in the summer of 2008, Adi, Mura and the rest of their class-mates scribbled the first felt-pen lines on their sheet of paper, nobody knew how much impact those drawings would have. One year later, however, construction of extra classrooms started, the existing ones were renovated and the stocks of school materials were considerably replenished. And so the pupils of Duduk Atas have, thanks to their drawings, ensured themselves of good education.

  • What was needed?

    Duduk Atas Primary School was founded in 2002 for around 35 children, who live in the mountainous area around Senggigi on the island of Lombok. Some kids have a three-hour walk through this area to get to school. When we came into contact with the school in 2008, the number of pupils had grown from 35 to 150. The school was bursting at its seams. It was therefore a challenge to sell as many T-shirts as possible to be able to finance the renovation and building of extra classrooms.

  • Funded: 16.285,-

    At the start of 2009, we sold the very first Face This T-shirt in the Netherlands, featuring drawings made at Duduk Atas. In the end, we would sell more than 1000, from three collections. Together with a lot of donations, enough money was collected in one year to finance the projected renovation, new construction and school materials. Now, after the rebuilding, the school provides education to more than 250 pupils.