Welcome to Face This. We’re a charity, dressed as a streetwear brand, dropping a new collab every single month. We unleash the raw creativity of Indonesian school kids, through meaningful collaborations with the world’s most renowned artists. And as the proceeds contribute to their schools, the kids literally design their own future.

The power of kids and their creativity

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Picasso was immensely inspired by the way children draw. He even said: “It took me four years to paint like Rafael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” And it’s not just Picasso who felt this way about art. Today’s artists are also inspired by how kids create. Therefore we asked ourselves: “If kids are so creative, shouldn’t the ones living in poverty be able to use their creativity as a force for good? And what if they could inspire artists around the world in the meantime?”

Dropping meaningful merch. Every. Single. Month.

Face This is the world’s first social streetwear brand where Indonesian school kids collab, design and drop meaningful merch with (street)artists from around the world. This makes us a charity, dressed up as a streetwear brand. Because the proceeds of their raw creativity improves the kids’ education. Every single month, we drop a brand new collab consisting of tees, totes and sweaters. 

This month's drop

When Indonesian kids improve their own schools - one drawing at a time

Since our inception in 2008 we have supported schools throughout Indonesia. From the Duduk Atas on Lombok where it all began, to the outskirts of the Indonesian island of Flores where we collaborated with the SDK Pusu school and from the schools in the booming Bogor area (Asy Syifa and Darul Funun) back again to Lombok where we recently supported a second school: the SDN1 Senggigi. From realizing completely new school buildings to renovating existing ones: the kids from all these schools were directly involved in improving their education. These projects could not have been done without their careful and powerful childrens drawings.

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  • Everyone was a creative genius once.
    But many lose it along the way.
    They exchange play for rules.
    Curiosity for conformity.
    They learn that things are the way they are.


    But not everyone is willing to give it up.
    Some still have it or keep it forever.
    What is fantasy and child’s play for others.
    Is serious business to them.

    They are often underestimated.
    Deemed naïve or dreamy.
    But their minds are a powerful force.
    Welcome to Face This.

  • We think beyond boundaries.
    Imagine new futures.
    Inspire positive change.

    We are children, artists, pioneers.
    We have one thing in common:
    Our creativity knows no bounds.


    So don’t hold us back.
    Don’t play us down.
    But support us to get the word out.


    We are the unbounded ones.
    Here to change our world.

  • Jos van der Hoek


  • Jelka Priem


  • Arjan Klompe


  • Jip van de Beek

    Social Designer & Social Media Manager

  • Jille Berends

    Web development

  • Mark Heyward

    Education advisor

  • Thom Schrama

    Director of Photography

  • Jesse Kroon

    Director of Photography

  • Rusnan Taumi

    Local coordinator Lombok

  • IbuTari

    Local Coordinator Bogor

  • Moses Jalawatu

    Local Coordinator Flores

  • Sri Anjarwari

    Local Coordinator Java