Artists who collaborate with us and with our pupils, really get inspired by it. “I’m really fascinated by that naïve way of drawing kids have. All artists try to get back to that way of working at some point, so being able to collaborate with a kid is just a dream. I just understood the vibe of the kid’s drawing, and the info Face This gave me was good enough to build something meaningful and still attached to the spirit of the kid.” 

Ricardo Cavolo

(street) artist from barcelona


Jon Burgerman Face This T-shirts

If you search for Jon Burgerman on the internet you get many hits. The British New York-based illustrator is well-known for his doodle illustrations and a big name in the illustration scene. Face This is grateful that an artist such as Jon, who is in such high demand, volunteered to design a shirt for our foundation. 

Face This linked Jon to 9-year old Kartini, a pupil from Lombok Island, Indonesia. Jon was touched by her drawings and he was adamant to retain much of Kartini’s style in their design for the Face This 2019 collection. Read the story of Kartini’s and Jon’s joint-effort. 


Mike Perry

You might know Mike Perry from his bright coloured, fun doodles who just happen to pop up everywhere. Perry is one of these guys who seems to have creativity pouring out of him at any time, resulting in a variety of artwork: from murals to animations to sculptures and so on. 


With our new Face This collection you’ll be able to get your own piece of Mike Perry art, as we’re happy to announce that he collaborated with us for our new line of tees. Get to know the artist as we take you along some of his finest pieces of art!



For artist Supermundane it’s hectic at the moment. Between designing for Apple, the latest hotspot bistro in London and filling walls with street art in Glasgow, Rob Lowe a.k.a. Supermundane worked on an exclusive Face This tee together with 12 year old Hafiz. 

‘Supermundane’ means ‘above or superior to the earth or worldly affairs’, but the graphic artist, illustrator, designer and typographer from London stands firm on the ground as his contemporary art work is in great demand on our planet. 


Bodil Jane

The vibrant work of Amsterdam based illustrator Bodil Jane is already noticed by several big brands and magazines like The New Yorker. Her feminine and colorful style is loved by many. Her illustrations are like a portal into a whole new world. 

Bodil Jane collaborated with 9 year old Salsabila from Senggigi on Lombok Island in Indonesia to make an amazing T-shirt for our Face This Collection 2019. Of course we asked Bodil Jane all about it in this inspiring interview!


Mark Conlan

Irish-born and Melbourne-based illustrator Mark Conlan established himself through his storybook-like, whimsical and colorful drawings. Even though he only recently made the switch from being a UI (user interface) designer to illustration. 

He calls it his best move yet, and we couldn’t agree more. Mark collaborated with 9 year old Faris from Senggigi on Lombok Island in Indonesia to create an amazing T-shirt for our Face This Collection 2019. We asked Mark all about it!


Hedof street artist

Hedof is a highly acclaimed Dutch street artist. But when Rick Berkelmans, the artist behind the successful Dutch one-man creative studio Hedof, was approached by our foundation Face This for contributing to this good cause he did not hesitate. Face This linked Hedof to 10-year old Ayu, a pupil from Lombok, Indonesia. Both Rick and Ayu made their creative contribution to the T-shirt. 

And without knowing each other, they turned out to be a dream team. Hedof explains why he wanted to work with Face This and why he and Ayu were such a good match. 




The Simpsons. Surfing. Californian sun. Psychedelic styles of the 60s. It all comes together in the colourful, poppy, psychedelic artwork of digital artist Tyler Spangler. To his clientele Wow-list! – Chanel, Nike, Red Bull, Samsung and Volcom – he now adds no one less than Face This. 

Working together with 12 year old Samsul in creating a beautiful new Face This T-shirt and helping the SDN 1 Senggigi school on Lombok.  


Kyle Steed

Making things by hand like drawing and designing is something the American artist Kyle Steed loves to do. With his head full of inspiration and big dreams he regards his own work as an evolution. 

He has left his creative mark on projects from HP, Mercedes Benz, Hallmark, Paypal and more. Steed always wanted to be an architect, because he loved doodling and drawing indoor football fields and swimming pools. 


Jamie Browne

If there’s one artist who’s in the heart of surf and skate culture, it’s Jamie Browne. He’s well known throughout these laid-back communities for his awesome and funny illustrations. You might know them from Volcom tees as Jamie is part of their design team. 

His images are usually in black and white, combined with a witty pun. For Face This Browne combined forces with 12 year old Gia and we’re happy to announce that you can buy this exclusive design at our webshop and aid those in need in Indonesia. 


One of the artists who has created a Face This T-shirt for our latest anniversary collection, is artist Ricardo Cavolo. 

You have probably stumbled upon the Spanish artist’ work on different top notch urban lifestyle platforms such as Hypebeast or Complex. Cavolo also counts quite the collaborations on his CV, as he collaborated with nonetheless than renowned fashion houses Gucci and Alexander McQueen. For our Face This T-shirt he collaborated with an Indonesian school kid. 


During our anniversary collection we wanted to celebrate big: international artists take on the designs of three child drawings from one of our schools in Indonesia. The designs can be found on our t-shirts in the new collection. 

One of the designers is Jimmy Turrell, a graphic designer from England who is known for his work for Nike, Adidas and musician Beck. We asked him about his design.


Artist Stina Persson creates stunning watercolor artworks. Her dreamy pieces of art definitely stand out on products from Louis Vuitton, UNIQLO, DKNY and H&M. 


But also on the editorial part, Stina has great clients to work with: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Marie Claire. The Face This T-shirt she created by using one of our Indonesian kids’ drawings is fabulous… 



Visual artist Bryce Wymer is one of the artists who made a T-shirt for Face This this year. Bryce is an American all-round artist with a focus on design and visual art. 


He has won several awards for his work for major brands such as HBO, Netflix, MTV and Reebok. For Netflix he co-directed Marco Polo, a series based on Marco Polo’s adventures in Kublai Khan’s court in 13th century China.


Artist Claudine O’Sullivan won last year’s edition of the prestigious World Illustration Award. If you’re a frequent user of WeTransfer you must have seen the awesome Apple ad she made which got her that great award. 

You will understand we’re very proud Claudine voluntarily created a new Face This T-shirt using one of our Indonesian kids’ drawings.


Artist Cody Hudson is an inspiration for a lot of artists out there. The work of the Chicago based artist comes in lots of different forms and sizes: snowboards, T-shirts, ads, and so on.

Also his client lists is stacked with awesome brands like Vans, Volcom, Nike SB, Pitchfork, Red Bull and Converse. We are extremely proud Cody took the time to create a Face This T-shirt using our Indonesian kids’ drawings.


Artist Martina Paukova is a Berlin based artist. She also works there as a freelance illustrator. Some of her clients include The New York Times, Converse, Wired Magazine en Refinery 29. Her style is colorful, fresh and graphic and so is the amazing Face This T-shirt she designed for us!

Mr. Penfold

Super duper artist and designer Penfold a.k.a. Tim Greshman added Face This to a sweepstaking list of high-end brands he already designed for such as Smirnoff, Adidas and Microsoft. 


Thinking about if he wanted to design for the new Face This t-shirt collection, was definitely ‘a no brainer’. Meet Face This’ hot new t-shirtdesigner who makes the drawing of Indonesian girl Rani ‘shine’.



Creating chic modern illustrations that capture the lifestyle of today’s trendsetters Margeurite Sauvage´s illustrations quickly seduced titles and brands such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, Le Figaro, Reader Digest, Louis Vuitton, LVMH, L’Oréal, PlayStation, Apple and Marie Claire. 

Want to know how she designed a Face This T-shirt using our Indonesian kids’ drawings? Find out more!


Illustrator and graphic designer Kate Gibb is mostly known for designing the album sleeves of  The Chemical Brothers. 


But designing tees is another form of art she mastered throughout the years. For the likes of Stüssy and adidas for example. And for the Face This foundation she designed a brilliant T-shirt using our Indonesian kids’ drawings. Click on the below link to read an interview we did with her.



Artist Cecilia Carlstedt has been commissioned by a wide variety of clients, but her beautifully composed, stylish and colourful work has naturally endeared her to the world of fashion. 


Vogue Nippon, W magazine, Nina Ricci, Jimmy Choo, LMVH, and H&M love to work with her. And we feel very lucky Cecilia loved working with our Indonesian kids’ drawings. Read more about her collab with the Face This foundation.


Ana works for clients like National Geographic, The New Yorker, The New York Times and Ralph Lauren. 


Within her very busy schedule she found the time to voluntarily design a T-shirt using our Indonesian kids’ drawings. Check out the story behind her T-shirt design.

Ana Benaroya_BioPic


David originally studied architecture but soon found himself drawn to art, eventually graduating with a degree in design. Since then, he has worked on projects for DC Comics and Warner Bros., as well as Time magazine, Burton, and ESPN magazine.

So you’ll understand why we are extremely proud, David took the time to design a Face This T-shirt for us.

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