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These incredibly talented artists from around the world voluntarily designed a Face This T-shirt using our Indonesian kids' drawings.

Artist Kate Gibb

Illustrator and graphic designer Kate Gibb is mostly known for designing the album sleeves of  The Chemical Brothers. But designing tees is another form of art she mastered throughout the years. For the likes of Stüssy and adidas for example. And for the Face This foundation she designed a brilliant T-shirt using our Indonesian kids’ drawings. Click on the below link to read an interview we did with her.

Artist Cecila Carlstedt

Artist Cecilia Carlstedt has been commissioned by a wide variety of clients, but her beautifully composed, stylish and colourful work has naturally endeared her to the world of fashion. Vogue Nippon, W magazine, Nina Ricci, Jimmy Choo, LMVH, and H&M love to work with her. And we feel very lucky Cecilia loved working with our Indonesian kids’ drawings. Read more about her collab with the Face This foundation.

Artist David Despau

David originally studied architecture but soon found himself drawn to art, eventually graduating with a degree in design. Since then, he has worked on projects for DC Comics and Warner Bros., as well as Time magazine, Burton, and ESPN magazine. So you’ll understand why we are extremely proud, David took the time to design a Face This T-shirt for us.

Artist Marguerite Sauvage

Creating chic modern illustrations that capture the lifestyle of today’s trendsetters Margeurite Sauvage´s illustrations quickly seduced titles and brands such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, Le Figaro, Reader Digest, Louis Vuitton, LVMH, L’Oréal, PlayStation, Apple and Marie Claire. Want to know how she designed a Face This T-shirt using our Indonesian kids’ drawings? Find out more!

Artist Ana Benaroya

Ana works for clients like National Geographic, The New Yorker, The New York Times and Ralph Lauren. Within her very busy schedule she found the time to voluntarily design a T-shirt using our Indonesian kids’ drawings. Check out the story behind her T-shirt design.

Artist Dan Page

Dan Page is one of the artists who voluntarily created a Face This tee with the drawings made by the Indonesian kids. He is an award winning illustrator whose long list of clients include Marie Claire, Men’s Health, The New York Times and Business Week. Want to find out how he designed his Face This T-shirt? Read on!

Artist Frida Wannerberger

Frida Wannerberger works in London as an artist and fashion illustrator. ELLE Decoration, SHOWstudio, Fashion Illustration Gallery, London Fashion Week are some clients she works with. And she can add the Face This foundation to that list as well. Read more to find out about this exciting collab.

Artist Billie Jean

Billie Jean has worked for Nike, Stella McCartney, Universal Records, VW, Nintendo and Samsung, amongst others. In 2008 he won the Type Directors Club Award for his collaboration with Yoko Ono. We are very honoured Billie Jean designed a T-shirt by using our Indonesian kids’ drawings.

Artist KT Smail

Katy Smail’s vibrant illustrations follow dreamy characters into their magical worlds filled with decorative florals, enchanted creatures and pretty patterns. She now lives in Brooklyn, New York where she continues to draw girls with mermaid hair, posies of wildfowers and pretty dresses. KT works for clients like Macy’s, Converse, Westin Hotels, Seventeen and Sesame Magazine.

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