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In December 2022 we were very proud to be able to announce that we have worked with UK artist Charly Clements. Although she’s from Britain, you’ll never know where she is located at the moment. With her iPad, she travels the world and has lived in around 20 countries so far. We talked with her about being an artist, and of course the artwork she created using our Indonesian kids’ drawings.

Indonesian kids' drawings

To create her drop, the artist made use of kids’ drawings made by the students of the Duduk Atas school in Indonesia. And the proceeds will be used to support the school with a new playground and a rainwater tank underneath it.

"It was an absolute honour working on this project. Being able to bring the kids artwork to life was so much fun and knowing that it’s for such a good cause makes it even better!"
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Photos by: Rollo van Wijk

“I just loved what your charity stood for. I’ve lived in Indonesia for a few months in 2017 so I felt even more of a connection to the cause. I’ve also worked with children in the past, and I used art and play as a way for them to express themselves, so it felt like the perfect collaboration.”

The artist about collabing with Indonesian school kids