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Artist Grace Miceli

It’s March 2023 and we’re proud to announce we have collabed with one of the “9 Funniest Cartoonists and Illustrators on Instagram” according to Vulture! Grace is an artist and author living in NYC and works across multiple mediums, including illustration, animation, comics, product design, and murals. Her playful and self-reflective work has been featured in over 50 galleries and museums worldwide.

Indonesian kids' drawings

To create her drop, the artist made use of childrens drawings made by the students of the Duduk Atas school in Indonesia. And the proceeds will be used to support the school with a new playground and a rainwater tank underneath it.


Lila Moss raising awareness for the Grace Miceli x Face This T-shirt

"I always want a portion of my work to be in service of others and I love art made by children. !"
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Photos by: Brenda de Vries

“They made me smile and become curious about what the kids were thinking about and expressing.”

The artist about collabing with Indonesian school kids