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Artist Maggie Stephenson

From the world of fashion to her editorial clients like Elle and Times magazine: artist Maggie Stephenson is everywhere. Fortunately for us, she took the time to collaborate with the Indonesian school kids from the Duduk Atas school. We’re very proud to announce our collab with her! Maggie told us she wanted to join our cause instantly: ‘Creating art that has the potential to help others – I don’t think it gets better than this.’

Indonesian kids' drawings

To create her drop, the artist made use of kids’ drawings made by the students of the Duduk Atas school in Indonesia. And the proceeds will be used to support the school with a new playground and a rainwater tank underneath it.

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Photos by: Julie Vielvoije / Styling by: Bernadette van Wijlen
"The beauty of children is, they create from a place of joy without a worry of what others think. There’s a valuable lesson to learn here - to create for the sake of creating, from a place of joy without worrying about how it will be perceived and whether it’ll be popular or not."

I must have smiled the entire time while scrolling through the drawings. How sweet to see the creations of children ❤️ They are mostly centered around community and nature. People, flowers and animals – what a beautiful reminder of what really matters in life.

The artist about collabing with Indonesian school kids