At Face This we support small and marginalized schools in isolated areas of Indonesia. The kids of these schools play a central role in this. By making awesome drawings the kids literally design their own future as we use these drawings in our T-shirt artwork. And with the proceeds of these tees we improve the kids’ education. Since 2008, we have collaborated with the below schools. Feel free to have a look!

SDN1 Senggigi School, Lombok

For our most recent school project, we went back to Lombok. The island where it all started for us, more then 10 years ago. After the earthquake of 2018 we felt the urge to come back and help another school. This is SDN 1 Senggigi.

More schools

School projects we've worked on in the past

SDK Pusu


Darul Funun


Face-This-Bogor-Community-Center 3

Asy Syifa


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