A charity dressed as a streetwear brand.

We unleash the raw creativity of Indonesian school kids and their childrens drawings, through meaningful collaborations with the world’s most renowned artists. And as the proceeds contribute to their schools, the kids literally design their own future.

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Drop of the month

Each month one (street)artist collabs with an Indonesian school kid on the design of two tees, a tote bag and a sweater. All proceeds benefit the child's school. Check out our latest drop of the month!

Drop of the month

How our fashion for good is being made

Call us naive, but we believe an Indonesian school kids' sketch can turn into a fab T-shirt design, funding his/her/their school!

Step 1

Indonesian school kiddos get to craft their tiny Picasso masterpieces

At Face This we believe kids in developing countries like Indonesia should be able to use their creative mind to improve their lives for the better. That's why our design process kicks off with a super fun drawing session with Indonesian school kids.

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Step 2

Top-notch artists craft a tee from the children's doodles

Once the drawings are all wrapped up, we ask famous artists to work their magic on our merch by using those drawings. Each month we launch an artist collaboration.

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Step 3

Cool people like you wear our meaningful merch

Wearing our merch directs all proceeds to the school where the children co-created the artwork on your tee, tote, or sweater.

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Step 4

Merch proceeds support the little ones' school

Once these drops have generated sufficient funding, we assist the school in enhancing its facilities.

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