We’re kids from Indonesia and Face This is our very own streetwear brand. It’s the place where we design and drop T-shirts, in collaboration with some super cool (street) artists from around the world. Every T-shirt sold gives us a better education. Check them out!

Monthly Drops

Every month, one incredible artist gets to design and drop a Face This collection in collaboration with Indonesian school kids.

martcellia liunic


We collaborate with grown-ups. They are artists. Like us. But they are older, so they’ve done it a bit more. They help us make our art awesome. Although, we think we’re doing the same thing for them 😀 AND our schools get cooler, too!

The most meaningful collabs in streetwear history.

How we work

We’re kids from 8-12 years old, and our schools are in different parts of Indonesia. We’re very proud of our schools. But to make them even better, Face This asks us to draw stuff. So we do!

There are these grown-up (but still cool) artists who get very inspired by our drawings. They use them to create completely new artworks. They like to call that co-lab-oray-shun. And Face This puts them on T-shirts!

You need cool T-shirts. So buy one of these! Coz’ with the proceeds of the tees you’ll be helping us improve our schools.