Stina Persson design story

Meet Stina Persson! A distinguished visual artist and illustrator hailing from Sweden. Check out how she designed a Face This T-shirt.

For this month's drop, Stina Persson collabed with Zulhan: a 9 year old student at the SDN 4 Batu Putih school at Gili Asahan. Zulhan is obsessed with fishing! He often fishes near the island. He made a drawing of himself on one of his fishing trips. All proceeds will benefit Zulhan's school.

Stina Persson

Meet Stina Persson! A distinguished visual artist and illustrator hailing from Sweden. Stina's illustrious portfolio speaks volumes, showcasing her artistic prowess through collaborations with esteemed brands such as Veuve Clicquot, Louis Vuitton and Vogue. Employing a rich tapestry of mediums including watercolor, ink, collage, and typography, Stina's creative process knows no boundaries. From print to animation and film, she masterfully crafts content that captivates and inspires.

You can now buy your own Stina Persson x Face This on a great, unique T-shirt.

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  • Stina Persson on how she started working on her Face This T-shirt design

    "I took the child’s vision and made it more mine. What I felt, using my grown up artist eyes to figure out what he was trying to say with his drawing. In this case the art was presented to me. Boats and islands. Home for someone who lives a very different life than mine.”

  • Stina Persson about why she wanted to design a T-shirt artwork for Face This

    “I am always up for good pro bono work. And, I love the line work of children. Self-assure and insecure in an intriguing mix”

  • What Stina Persson wants to say to Zulhan, the boy who she collabed with

    “Keep creating art. Don’t judge and don’t compare your art to others. Be you. Keep at it.. Allow yourself to play and to fail. And always surround yourself with kind people.”

How Stina Persson and other artists collab with Indonesian school kids

At Face This, artists creatively collab with Indonesian school kids on T-shirts, totes and sweaters. And as the proceeds benefit their school, the kids literally design their own future.