Boring Friends design story

Boring Friends aka Ben Courtice designed a T-shirt, tote bag and sweater in collaboration with an Indonesian school kids. How? Read more!

For this month's drop, artist Ben Courtice aka Boring Friends collabed with Wulan: a 11 year old student at the SDN 4 Batu Putih school at Gili Asahan. Wulan loves watching the clouds from her house. She decided to draw the clouds, together with some plants she sees around the island. All proceeds will benefit Wulan's school.

Boring Friends 

Ben Courtice is a multidisciplinary graphic designer and the artist behind the creative studio Boring Friends. After nearly a decade of working in the tech industry, he took the plunge into creating his own artwork and never looked back. He describes his illustrations as “inspired by nature, community and caring about yourself and the people around you”. He has worked with companies like Adobe, Casetify, and now (we’re proud to add) Face This!

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  • Why Ben Courtice wanted to design a Face This T-shirt

    "It sounded fun! I loved the idea of working together with some future art stars and lending a hand to help out at the same time. I'm a big advocate of art being used as a means of growth and helping others."

  • Ben Courtice about the Indonesian kids’ drawings

    "It was a nice change of pace and I got to approach the project from a different angle than what I usually start from with a lot of my work."

  • How Ben Courtice designed his Face This T-shirt

    "I tried to picture what I would see looking out the same window, back when I was younger and staring at the sky and the nature around me, letting my imagination run wild about what the whole big world has in store for me. I also wanted the world out there to feel friendly and approachable."

How Boring Friends and other artists collab with Indonesian school kids

At Face This, artists creatively collab with Indonesian school kids on T-shirts, totes and sweaters. And as the proceeds benefit their school, the kids literally design their own future.