Jared Sylvia design story

American artist Jared Sylvia designed a T-shirt, tote bag, and sweater in collaboration with Indonesian school kids. Read all about him!

For this month’s drop, artist Jared Sylvia collaborated with Mia, who is an 11-year-old pupil from the SDN 4 Batu Putih school in Gili Asahan. Mia is playful and loves to party. She drew herself at her own birthday party with friends and family. All proceeds from the merch sales will go towards helping Mia’s school.

Jared Sylvia

Jared Sylvia is an American graphic designer and illustrator based in Orlando, Florida. He describes his art style as an “intersection of psychedelia and surrealism”, characterised by bold and colourful patterns. He has done a wide array of collabs with different brands, from music artist Arc de Soleil and the Rose on the River festival, to clothing brand Low Tide Thread Co. and Polycade boutique arcades. Naturally, we had to have him bring his creativity and style to Face This!

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  • Why Jared Sylvia wanted to design a Face This T-shirt

    “I was thrilled! I honestly had no idea what to expect. I was honoured to have a chance to partner with Face This and contribute to such a noble cause.”

  • Jared Sylvia on Indonesian kids’ drawings

    I love the way it turned out. It brought me back to a younger age before I started playing the comparison game. Children are not plagued with imposter syndrome and that’s beautiful.”

  • How Jared Sylvia designed his Face This T-shirt

    “I decided to combine my style of art with the elements that reminded her of her home in a bright, playful approach.”

How Stina Persson and other artists collab with Indonesian school kids

At Face This, artists creatively collab with Indonesian school kids on T-shirts, totes and sweaters. And as the proceeds benefit their school, the kids literally design their own future.