Petra Eriksson design story

Petra Eriksson is a talented visual artist and illustrator from Sweden. Check out how she designed her Face This T-shirt.

Petra Eriksson design story

A phenomenal success on Instagram and boasting clients such as The New Yorker and The Guardian, Petra Eriksson is, without doubt, one of the most exciting illustrators right now. Petra Eriksson, a talented visual artist and illustrator from Sweden, has made a colorful mark in the creative world. Her work is characterized by bold, bright colors, intricate patterns, and soft organic shapes.

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How Petra Eriksson and other artists collab with Indonesian school kids

At Face This, artists creatively collab with Indonesian school kids on T-shirts, totes and sweaters. And as the proceeds benefit their school, the kids literally design their own future.

  • Why Petra Eriksson wanted to design a Face This T-shirt

    Petra Eriksson: I really enjoy getting the chance to use my art to contribute to projects like these that creates a positive change. I also really liked the idea of taking inspiration by the drawings of these kids. 

  • Petra Eriksson about the Indonesian kids' drawings

    Petra Eriksson: I loved the personality of the different characters, they were so expressive. I also felt very drawn towards the flowers and plants that were occurring in many of the drawings, I felt like they had a specific significance that I didn’t understand and I liked that it felt like a beautiful mystery. 

  • How Petra Eriksson designed his Face This T-shirt

    Petra Eriksson: The drawings I picked all included these different flowers and plants that I felt drawn to. I did a lot of sketches with versions of these flowers but in the end my work took a more abstract way when it came to the flowers and plants. I played around with more textured brushes for this project, challenging myself to do something a bit more outside of my comfort zone and I loved the more abstract flowy shapes that came out of it. The plants may look very different from the drawings of the kids but it still has the story of kids/people taking care of and admiring these growing things around them, and I wanted to bring that feeling into my artwork.