Artist Bernardo Henning About His Collab With Hafiz (12) From Lombok

Artist Bernardo Henning About His Collab With Hafiz (12) From Lombok

Bernardo Henning is an artist, graphic designer and illustrator. He’s working in the art and design field for commercial and personal projects. Almost always with the purpose of using shapes, colors and types to express a chaotic world in a cosmos way. He is interested in using colour as a strong characteristic of his work, characters living among abstract shapes and surreal environments. He achieved the Lic. in Graphic Design degree at Universidad Argentina de la Empresa in 2009, since then he worked with Doma Collective, Faena Art Center & Hotels, RDYA among others renowned studios.

For the Face This x WePresent T-shirt collection, artist Bernardo Henning designed a T-shirt together with Hafiz (12) from Lombok, Indonesia. All proceeds will be used to get Hafiz’ school a computer studio, so the school can fight digital illiteracy.

Extremely graphic scenario

Artist Bernardo Henning tells us about his first reaction, when he received Hafiz’ drawing. “It was a good reaction because it was nothing like I expected, it was deeper than I imagined and an extremely graphic scenario that represents a very specific situation in Hafiz’ daily life.”

A freedom I’ve lost

How did Bernardo Henning experience collaborating with Hafiz? “I’m a father of 2 and I’m always “collaborating” with some of their illustrations, not in a professional way but I like to work with their drawings because they have a freedom I’ve lost.”

Don’t lose your freedom

Is there anything he wants to say to Hafiz? “I want to say, keep drawing all you can, don’t lose your freedom, no one can take that away from you.”

Bernardo Henning x Face This

When wearing the Bernardo Henning x Hafiz T-shirt you contribute to Hafiz’ school. So get one now!

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