How Our Monthly Drops Will Benefit a School on Lombok. Every. Single. Month.

How Our Monthly Drops Will Benefit a School on Lombok. Every. Single. Month.

Yes, you read that right: from now on we will be launching a new artwork every single month! And we’ll print these artworks on tees, sweaters and tote bags. Every month we’ll focus on one artist and how he/she/they created that artwork by using our Indonesian childrens drawings. Wanna know more? Read on!

Today, Face This is entering a new era. Since our inception in 2008, we’ve launched new collections every one or two years. But from today, we’ll drop a new artwork every single month. The coming months will be exciting as we’ll be dropping collabs with artists like Yeye Weller, Humberto Cruz, Claudia Osborn and Liv Lee. On top of that, we’ll even expand the products we will print those artworks on. This way we can provide you with fresher designs, but we can also adapt to the needs of the schools we support in a more flexible way. Read on to get to know more about our new directions.

How it all started

The very first Face This T-shirts were launched in 2009. Back then we were only able to use screen printing. This forced us to produce our T-shirts in advance. But since 2014 we are able to use a print on demand model, where we only produce a T-shirt when it has been ordered on our website. And because of this technological advancement we decided to take this a step further: creating an artwork every single month.

All for good

Of course, we don’t change the unique way we create our art: enabling Indonesian school kids to design and drop art together with (street)artists from around the world is at the core of who we are. The T-shirts, sweaters and tote bags we’ll drop within the coming months have been made with drawings from the Duduk Atas school on Lombok. With the proceeds we will be able to help the school with both a safe playground as well as a water container which will be installed underneath the playground. This way the school and the isolated village in which the school is located can collect rainwater during the rainy season. This is a real necessity as due to the deserted location of the village there is no clean drinking water facility.

This month’s drop

Like we said, every month we will drop a new artwork, which we will print on different kinds of fashion items. We kickstart this new era with a series of tees, sweaters and tote bags that are focused around our brand new logo and visual identity. We’re very proud of this, so we wanted to kick off our new way of working with a series of products that puts our new logo front and center.

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