Artist Humberto Cruz Collabs With Face This: I Am An Artist Because I Can't Let Go Of My Inner Child

Artist Humberto Cruz Collabs With Face This: I Am An Artist Because I Can't Let Go Of My Inner Child

Artist Humberto Cruz is our artist of the month! Humberto is heavily influenced by pop culture and fashion. And that doesn’t go unnoticed as he has worked with MTV, David Guetta, Chanel and Apple Music. Therefore we are extremely proud Humberto was willing to collab with Face This as well. In this interview we’ll take a deep dive into his work for us. So please read on!

With an audience of 148,000 Instagram followers, Humberto’s uplifting and colourful work combines digital media, smudged lines, crayon colours and spray paint to reflect the joyful spirit sometimes lacking in our reality. How did Humberto aka I Scream Color get there? And why did he want to collab with us? In this interview he’ll tell you everything.

Face This: Is there one drawing that you can recall from your childhood? What was it about?

Humberto Cruz: A purple butterfly with a witch hat and a broom. I was around 5 years old.

Face This: Can you tell us something about your cultural background? Where did you grow up? Did you always like to draw?

Humberto Cruz: I was born in California and I grew up in Tijuana, Mexico. As a child I was influenced by traditional Mexican culture and American pop culture because of living in a border town. I started drawing before I started school and it just came naturally to me.

Face This: Are there specific moments in your life that made you decide to become an artist?

Humberto Cruz: Since I was a kid, my parents supported my passion for drawing. They never forced me to be something I didn’t like. I knew I wanted to be an artist since I was in elementary school, I wanted to be an animator and make Disney movies. That was my dream job! When I was in high school, I became more interested in graphic design and illustrator.

Detail shot of the Humberto Cruz x Face This collaboration.

Face This: Pablo Picasso once said: ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up’. How do you remain an artist? And do you have tips for non-artists to cultivate their inner child?

Humberto Cruz: I remain an artist by producing and staying creative almost every day. I don’t see it as a job because I really enjoy working on new projects. I try to stay honest with myself, I like being like an open book when I’m drawing. I don’t care about making mistakes and I don’t worry about drawing a perfect like. That’s how I stay inspired and happy. Something that I learned is to never compare yourself to other artists! If you have a passion for creating art, practice every day. It might take you days, months or many years to find your own style. And it’s okay to change that style at any time in your life. Just make sure it makes you happy.

Face This: You designed an artwork by using some of our Indonesian childrens drawings. With the proceeds of your artwork, we will be able to provide the kids you’ve collabed with a playground. How important is playfulness for you as an artist?

Humberto Cruz: It’s been a great experience working as a team with them. My artwork is all about colors and playfulness and I just want to make people smile when they see it. I am an artist because I can’t let go of my inner child and my life experiences.

Face This: When we reached out to you, what made you want to join?

Humberto Cruz: I didn’t think twice about joining this amazing project. I just wanted to help a little and make some kids’ dreams a reality.

Face This: When you received the drawings, what was your first reaction? What did you see in them? Can you describe them a bit for us?

Humberto Cruz: They all put a smile on my face. I was really impressed by them, they looked perfect! I asked myself, who are these characters they drew? Do the kids know I will work with their drawings?

Face This: Which drawings did you use to create your artwork with? And why did you pick these?

Humberto Cruz: I’m always drawing my own characters and I had the idea of putting them together with some of the drawings I received. I picked these drawings because the characters showed a lot of personality.

The Humberto Cruz x Face This tees. Photo: 4 Eyes

Face This: Can you tell us something about how you have experienced this collaboration?

Humberto Cruz: It’s been an amazing opportunity and it’s something I’ve never done before. I really enjoyed working with Face This. Thank you!

Face This: To conclude, is there something you would like to say to the kids who made the drawings you’ve worked with?

Humerto Cruz: I just want to tell them that they are amazing artists and to follow their dreams. Do what makes you happy!

Humberto Cruz’ artwork is available on tees, sweaters and tote bags. Go grab one as the proceeds support the Indonesian school from the kids who made the drawings.


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