Jamie Browne

Jamie Browne

Jamie Browne is an artist who designed a T-shirt together with Gia (12) from Lombok. The proceeds will be used to renovate her school.

If there’s one artist who’s in the heart of surf and skate culture, it’s Jamie Browne. He’s well known throughout these laid-back communities for his awesome and funny illustrations. You might know them from Volcom tees as Jamie is part of their design team. His images are usually in black and white, combined with a witty pun. For Face This Browne combined forces with 12 year old Gia and we’re happy to announce that you can buy this exclusive design at our webshop and aid those in need in Indonesia.

Jamie Browne about Gia’s drawing

Jamie Browne: “Something about Gia’s drawing that I found really interesting was her little characters in there. I just thought they were really fun. Obviously I loved the image of her and her brother paddling out together, as something that they love doing. That was really cool. Not many girls surf in Indonesia, so I’m told, and that’s something that they enjoy together and it’s just special.”

Ewe is Gia’s big brother who learnt her how to surf

Working with a kids drawing

Jamie Browne: “When I started out the collab with Gia, it was tricky, I didn’t want to do the wrong thing. I wanted to do her art justice and show it respect. I wanted to be respectful but also bring some of my own flavor in there. Her ideas are just as valid, so I did a lot of thinking about it.”

Drawing about surfing…

“I don’t often work with other artists. ButI found working with Gia a little bit more easy in that, you know that I’m not necessarily working with another professional or someone who has super strong opinions on my work. We’re both working in a sense that this is an opportunity. Just to work more freely and openly. It’s not so serious, the end goal is, but for some reason, this in-between is a very open and friendly way of working, says Jamie Browne.”

What would you like to say to Gia?

Jamie Browne: “What I’d like to say to Gia is first hello and thank you so much for sharing your artwork with me. I had a really fun time working with it and I hope you’re gonna enjoy what I have added to the piece. And keep on surfing and keep on drawing!”

Jamie Browne to Gia: “Keep on surfing and keep on drawing!”

“I would say, overall, that this project was really inspiring to do. To work with a child and to see their vision of their world or something that they are passionate about and come together and make something together. That was inspiring.”

Why Jamie Browne wanted to work with Face This

“What motivated me to work with Face This is that I thought it was a really ingenious way to work with the community you’re helping at the same time. It’s not a hand-out, the kids get involved and have some fun and get a sense of the world and what’s possible for them. Maybe they can be an artist too. It’s a really inspired way of making things together, to help something.”

“I’m not always in a position to help out in the world as much as I’d like to, but having a skill, or having this art style that can be a vehicle for that help, kinda make me feel like I can do stuff, I can help out to do some fun stuff that is good. So that’s really why I was motivated to participate.”

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