Artist KaCeyKal Designs T-shirt With Indonesian Child

Artist KaCeyKal Designs T-shirt With Indonesian Child

Boriana Heim

Detroit based artist KaCeyKal creates art that is refreshing and clean with a balanced color palette. His work celebrates the female form, with their bounteous curves, resonating with women around the world.

For the Face This x WePresent T-shirt collection, KaCeyKal designed a T-shirt together with Ayu (10) from Lombok, Indonesia. All proceeds will be used to get Ayu’s school a computer studio, so the school can fight digital illiteracy.

Staying true

KaCeyKal tells us about his first reaction, when he received Ayu’s drawing. “My first reaction was that it reminded me a lot of the drawings I would create when I was that age. It was a very nostalgic feeling.”

Harder than expected

How did KaCeyKal experience collaborating with Ayu? “It was a little harder than I expected it to be. A lot of times I overthink things. I wanted to stay true to Ayu’s vision while also incorporating my own style. It was a fun challenge.”


Is there anything he wants to say to Ayu? “Don’t ever lose your inner child, because that is where the true creativity resides and the world often can try to strip you of that.”

KaCeyKal x Face This

When wearing the KaCeyKal x Ayu T-shirt you contribute to Ayu’s school. So get one now!

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