SDK Pusu, Flores

SDK Pusu, Flores

Boriana Heim

Since the foundation of the school in 1979, no renovations had taken place.
The second school collaboration we did was with the SDK Pusu school on Flores. Read on to find out more about this wonderful story.

SDK Pusu

After the successful project on Lombok, we decided to spread our wings and start a similar project on Flores. In the summer of 2010 we visited the SDK Pusu school, which again is located in an isolated mountainous area. Since the foundation of the school in 1979, no renovations have taken place. And that was desperately necessary, not least because of the high humidity.

What was needed?

The humid climate had seriously attacked the school building. The roof, walls, floor, window frames and doors all had to be replaced. And because the costs of the materials was many times higher than those for the school on Lombok, this new school was a daunting challenge. The reason that the costs were higher was because building materials always have to be transported via Java to the rest of the islands. And since Flores is farther from Java than Lombok, additional costs were involved.

Funded: 21.274,-

Just like the T-shirts for Duduk Atas, these shirts sold like hot cakes. After the sales of the first two collections for this school, a large part of the projected renovation was carried out. This was also necessary because the rainy season forced us to replace the roof, the walls and the doors as soon as possible. We managed to achieve all that in 2011. The third and last collection was then dedicated to the floors of the school. These have now been laid and this means we have renovated the whole building.

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