Artist Sioejeng Tsao Designs T-shirt With Indonesian Child

Artist Sioejeng Tsao Designs T-shirt With Indonesian Child

Sioejeng Tsao, also known as SEEYOUSIOE, is an artist of Chinese descent who was born and based in Amsterdam. She is not afraid to seek discomfort and does not shy away from confrontation. Her work, consisting of paintings and digital illustrations, is a colorful exploration of different social aspects like feminism, racial justice and her own queer and bi-cultural identity.

For the Face This x WePresent T-shirt collection, Sioejeng Tsao designed a T-shirt together with Salsabila (9) from Lombok, Indonesia. All proceeds will be used to get Salsabila’s school a computer studio, so the school can fight digital illiteracy.


Sioejeng Tsao tells us about her first reaction, when she received Salsabila’s drawing. “My first reaction was definitely wholesome. Since I have a lot of Indonesian family I couldn’t be more happy to actually help while doing what I love to do most. Children are so vulnerable and need to get the education they deserve to one day live their own dreams and desires.”

Beautiful experience

How did Sioejeng Tsao experience collaborating with Salsabila? “I have never collaborated with a child, but honestly it was such a beautiful experience. I love to look through their eyes and see how they view the world around them. Even in the most horrific situations, they tend to focus on the better things in life.”

Having fun

Is there anything she wants to say to Salsabila? “Salsabila, you are so loved. Never change your curious mind and kind soul. Keep creating to create a better tomorrow.”

Sioejeng Tsao x Face This

When wearing the Sioejeng Tsao x Salsabila T-shirt you contribute to Salsabila’s school. So get one now!

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