Are you a videographer who believes art can be a force for good? Do you think a child’s mind is a creative treasure trove? And that Indonesian kids should be able to use that creativity to improve their lives for the better? Please read on…


At Face This we enable Indonesian school kids to creatively collaborate with renowned artists from around the world. With childrens drawings made by Indonesian school kids, artists design artwork that’s being printed on our T-shirts, sweaters and tote bags. And as the proceeds support their schools, the kids literally design their own future.

How does this work?

In below slides we explain how we work. As you can see in slide 1, Gia (12) from Lombok created a drawing at one of her favourite spots: the beach. On slide 2, Volcom artist Jamie Browne is creating an artwork based on Gia’s drawing. And on the final slide, you see the one and only Jack Black who’s sharing Gia’s and Jamie’s T-shirt on Instagram to his 10 million followers.

Photo slides: Gia (12) is working on her drawing which Volcom artist Jamie Browne used to create his T-shirt artwork. And it was the one and only Jack Black who shared our T-shirt to his 10 million followers on instagram.

Love for Lombok

At Face This we have a special place in our hearts for the island of Lombok. It was the very first place where we started our organisation, raising funds for a school called Duduk Atas in the hills of Senggigi. Throughout the years we’ve supported several schools on Lombok. And in the very near future we’re going to add one more school to that list. This school is also located on Lombok and we’re looking for a videographer who can join us on our visit to this school.

Creative journey

From 17 – 21 December we will be visiting a new school we will be collaborating with. It’s located in the South West of Lombok. One of the highlights of these visits are the drawing sessions we’ll be having with the kids. And it will be the starting point of a highly creative journey that crosses borders and enlights artists. With one goal in mind: creating meaningful merch that supports the school of the kids who made the drawings.  

Filming the future

As you’ll probably understand, the drawing sessions we’ll be having with the kids is a unique experience. Do you have the skills to film this? Do you want to support us in telling our story? And are you available from 17-21 December? Then we want to hear from you! 

What’s in it for you?

  • Budget is available
  • Accomodation in a beautiful resort near the school is paid by us
  • Your work will not only be shared by us, but also by the artists (with a huge amount of followers) who collab with us 

If you want to support us: please reach out to as quickly as possible! And for some inspiration, please watch the video we made for the T-shirt Gia (12) and Volcom artist Jamie Browne created together:

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