Visiting the SDN4 Batu Putih school in Gili Asahan

Visiting the SDN4 Batu Putih school in Gili Asahan

Jip van de Beek

Tucked away on the idyllic island of Gili Asahan, you’ll find the SDN4 Batu Putih school, a place that truly shows what a tight community looks like. With only 22 students, the school is a vibrant hub of learning and laughter, reflecting the spirit of an island that feels like a world of its own.

For people like us, coming from a fast-paced, often impersonal world, Gili Asahan was a breath of fresh air—literally and metaphorically. The island can be explored end-to-end in about an hour if you're strolling along the beach. Yes, that's right — there's hardly a need for roads here, given the sea on one side and the green mountains on the other. 


Our social designer Jip van de Beek during one of the drawing sessions with the kids of the SDN 4 Batu Putih school at Gili Asahan.

Photo: Our social designer Jip van de Beek (left) during one of the drawing sessions with the kids of the SDN 4 Batu Putih school at Gili Asahan.


Joys of being young

The island is home to about 30 families, almost all live in the small village that contains a few shops and several cozy homes. And right there, amidst it all, stands the Batu Putih school. This is where the island's children come together, not only to learn but to experience the joys of being young, guided by teachers who treat them like family.

Meet the team

Upon our arrival—a team consisting of one social designer, our Lombok coordinator, and our photographer—we found the school on holiday, its students immersed in their leisure time. Whether they were playing on the beach, cycling around, engaging in card games, or seeking shade from the sun, they all eagerly came to the school to greet us.

SDN 4 Batu Putih

The school had three rooms: one was unused, another was locked and contained administrative documents and trophies, and the final room served as the classroom where all the children gathered for their lessons.

Drawing sessions

There, we organized the children into small groups to begin our drawing sessions, kicking off with a warm-up activity where they visualized the island of Gili Asahan. These illustrations revealed both commonalities and unique perspectives, with one element from each drawing selected to inspire a T-shirt design.

Makes you feel at home

Next, we invited the kids to draw an element of Gili Asahan that made them feel at home or that depicted their daily life on the island. We asked questions ranging from what foods they cook at home, the animals they encountered on the island, or who would comfort them when they felt sad.

Artistic potential

The children's enthusiasm was clear while they were creating beautiful artwork and later sharing the stories behind their creations. Those who were not drawing at that time were still intrigued, often sneaking peeks at what the others were drawing. Clearly, this school was filled with artistic potential!

Help the school

Our four-day visit to Batu Putih school and Gili Asahan left us deeply connected to the children, awestruck by their creativity, and inspired to contribute to enhancing their school's facilities. Will you help us? 

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