Artist Zuzanna Rogatty About Her Collab With Kartini (10) From Lombok

Artist Zuzanna Rogatty About Her Collab With Kartini (10) From Lombok

Boriana Heim

Playful and functional graphics collide in the work of artist Zuzanna Rogatty, a Polish designer and art director based between New York and Hawaii. Abound with colourful swathes, illustrative blobs and expressive typography, it’s the type of portfolio that visually hooks you in all but a second. And when it does, an instant smile is brought to your face as you meander through her various works for Bon Appetit, Esprit, Match, Google, Dropbox, M.AD School of Ideas and AIGA New York.

For the Face This x WePresent T-shirt collection, Zuzanna Rogatty designed a T-shirt together with Kartini (10) from Lombok, Indonesia. All proceeds will be used to get Kartini’s school a computer studio, so the school can fight digital illiteracy.

Synthesizing 3 ideas into one

Zuzanna Rogatty tells us about her first reaction, when she received Kartini’s drawing. “I was touched by Kartini’s incredible graphic skill to synthesize 3 ideas into one form – the smiley sunny mountain. It got my attention immediately and it became the main theme of my composition.”

So many little situations

How did Zuzanna Rogatty experience collaborating with Kartini? “I loved getting to learn about Kartini’s story by looking at its visual representation which she created. She pictured so many little situations and people in one drawing! I enjoyed zooming in and analyzing all of the themes which I could take inspiration from.”


Is there anything she wants to say to Kartini? Zuzanna Rogatty: “Kartini, thank you for sharing your story and your piece of art with me. I’m honored that you let me interpret it. Hope we can meet each other in person one day!”

Zuzanna Rogatty x Face This

When wearing the Zuzanna Rogatty x Kartini T-shirt you contribute to Kartini’s school. So get one now!

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